Making sure you protect what’s yours – understanding employed and self-employed contracts

Thank you to all business owners who joined us on 4th August for our virtual event.

The event lasted 30 minutes and was designed to provide attendees with expert legal advice on how to approach employment contracts.

We know that the subject of contract law is constantly evolving. Staying abreast of the implications of GDPR and also planning for the introduction of IR35 is a drain on your time you could do without. So the event, hosted by Scott Stevens, Director of Adviser Recruitment & Acquisition at Quilter Financial Planning, and lawyer Paula Cole from TLT LLP, aimed to cut through the jargon and help you understand what you need to do.

Don’t worry if you missed out as you can access the event in full by viewing a recording below.


During the event both Scott and Paula referred to a suite of free contract templates covering both junior and senior employed positions - including contracts for employed advisers – as well as templates for self-employed advisers as individuals and for those operating service companies.

Below you can access the junior contract template and guidance notes, together with a factsheet covering the main topics discussed in the event.

Junior employed contract template*

Click here to access

Junior employed contract with Principal notes*

Click here to access

Factsheet - Making sure you protect what's yours

Click here to access

* These templates are intended as a starting point only, and you use them entirely at your own risk. We strongly recommend you seek independent legal advice before using them, so as to ensure that any contracts you put in place are fit for purpose and are tailored to your specific requirements.

Your local Regional Director will be happy to share any of the following documents mentioned in the event with you.

The full suite of documents include:

  • Senior employed contract template
  • Self-employed individual contract template
  • Self-employed company contract template
  • Senior employed contract with Principal notes
  • Self-employed individual contract with Principal notes
  • Self-employed company contract with Principal notes


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