In this podcast series from Quilter Financial Planning, we lift the lid on the world of financial advice, removing the typical stereotypes and allowing listeners to see the industry in a more real, honest and empathetic light.

The series is a must for existing advisers, providing useful tips on business development as well as providing insight for anyone considering a new career in financial advice.

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Podcast episodes

Episode 10 - Challenge accepted: Does recruiting financial advisers need to be difficult?

Recruitment is often tricky especially for financial advisers; with a finite supply demand is high for their services. In this podcast episode we investigate why it’s so hard to find advisers and what firms can do to attract them in an era of stiff competition. With this in mind our experts discuss recruitment strategies, planning development and how to make your offer more appealing, especially when taking on young advisers.

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Episode 9 - Financial advice – the best career you’ve never considered?

Starting a new career is never easy, especially in the midst of a pandemic! In this podcast episode our host Hannah Vaughan Jones chats to three new advisers to the industry, focusing on their experience so far, how they decided to jump ship into something quite new and how they’ve found their first 12 months.

Have you ever thought about working in financial planning? Maybe it’s time you did. An honest, interesting, and inspiring episode for anyone considering a career move, or trying to decide what to do after study.

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Episode 8 - The virtues of virtual? Will remote client meetings outlive lockdown?

The world has changed so much in the past eighteen months, and with it, so has our working style. In this podcast episode, we chat with two advisers and a behavioural scientist about how they and their clients adjusted to ‘the new normal’. The pandemic forced advisers to reimagine the way they interacted with clients, and with this came a different type of connection. But with life beginning to return to ‘normality’ many advisers are asking themselves if they should discard their new skills and return to the old way of interacting, but is that the way forward, or is a hybrid model the answer? Join us as we discuss all of this and more.

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Episode 7 - Why mothers make excellent financial advisers

Our special podcast episode focuses on why mothers are so adept at being financial planners. With an influx of mothers looking to either change careers or get back into work, this episode delves into the job itself, and how women in the industry balance motherhood and work. As well as existing female financial planners, we hear from a behavioural economist on the personality traits you need to succeed, and the head of Quilter’s Financial Adviser School on the steps needed to start. A fascinating episode for anyone considering a new career!

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Episode 6 - The next generation: Graduates

In our final episode we chat with two graduates about their advisory training, the path that led them to financial planning and the surprising things they’ve learnt along the way. We hear how the Quilter Financial Adviser School helped them and chat to the head of training, who explains the school’s ethos and goals. If you’ve ever thought about being a financial planner this is the episode for you, full of insight into training and qualification, as well as the surprising traits that some of the most successful advisers possess.

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Episode 5 - Legacy building - how to plan your next move

The financial advice industry is set to lose around 60% of its advisers in the next decade. How do those advisers planning for their retirement leave behind a strong legacy that continues to provide for their clients? In this episode, we speak with three advisory experts around retirement and legacy building. This thought-provoking episode gives key insight into the strategic planning needed. We look at how far ahead advisers need to think, building value into their business and ensuring clients continue to be looked after.

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Episode 4 - Female financial advisers – what it takes to succeed

In our fourth episode we hear from three successful female financial advisers about their varied experiences in business, their passion for the job and what it takes to make it. We focus on the positive changes to a previously male-dominated industry, the differences between male and female advisers, whether working parents can thrive and what our guests think it takes to succeed in this industry. This brilliant and upbeat episode hosts three incredible women who are continuing to make their mark on the industry, peppered with advice for those thinking of joining the financial advice ranks.

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Episode 3 - Building blocks – establishing and growing a business

In this episode we talk to three advisers about their business success, and the road they travelled along the way. We delve into the ever-changing world of finance and how each one used both business and their own life skills to build and develop successful enterprises from a one-man band or start-up, to something much bigger. This fascinating and amusing episode follows three different paths to prosperous careers, as we learn a few tips and tricks for those thinking of getting into the financial advice industry as well as those looking to build their businesses.

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Episode 2 - Career changers

Sometimes, we need to take a risk and make that big change in life. In the second episode of Beyond the balance sheet, we speak to three people who have done just that, moving from very different careers into financial advice. Have you ever considered jumping ship? Do transferable skills really work in different industries? We answer all of these questions and more, delving into what attracted our guests to financial planning and how they’ve found it. Inspiring and uplifting, this episode shows that it’s never too late for a change.

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Episode 1 - Uncovering today’s financial advisers

In this first episode, we explore the fundamental differences between the public perceptions of "a hard salesman" vs the reality, while delving into common misconceptions and looking at the actual personality traits of successful financial advisers. Our expert guests, behavioural economist Mark Pittaccio and Quilter Financial Adviser School recruitment manager Lauren Ashworth, share surprising insights that may resonate and show you’re just the right match for a career in financial advice.

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New episodes available fortnightly

Hosted by Emmy-nominated journalist and CNN presenter Hannah Vaughan Jones, the series addresses common misconceptions head on, gathering advice from practicing advisers and speaking with those who have overcome hurdles to choose this path, from all walks of life.



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