Are you looking to sell your existing advice firm?

When the time comes to step away from your business, you are faced with many concerns and challenges.

  • How much is your business really worth?
  • How can you ensure that your clients are treated well and not shoehorned into an offering?
  • How can you exit with confidence, without fearing future liabilities and tax?

Joining Quilter Financial Planning opens you up to an in-house market, where you can acquire and be acquired, using a clear and agreed valuation template. With a proven handover path, when the time comes to start the exit process, we ensure clarity for all parties, managing expectations and avoiding disappointments.

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Our internal practice buy-out programme has a wide range of options available, from partial to full buyouts and everything in between, meaning you can find the option that’s best for you and your clients.

It really does work. More than a hundred firms have successfully exited since our programme launched in 2015, ensuring business owners have realised the monetary benefits of what is often a lifetime’s work, while their clients continued to receive the excellent standard of service they’d been used to.

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