Colin Blakeman

Regional Director at Quilter Financial Planning


Colin has more than 30 years of financial services experience, establishing a network of professional contacts within the financial sector. His focus is to help new businesses in joining the network to establish their business into the network and meet their individual business goals. Helping businesses to run and grow their business and exit safely.

Colin has:

  • Experience in all core advice areas, as well as specialism in wealth and acquisition advice areas.
  • Involved from `day one’ as a founder member of Intrinsic (now Quilter Financial Planning), and has been personally responsible for attracting many of the highest profile firms to the network based on developing trusted, open and honest relationships.
  • Worked across all client areas, specialising in private clients, corporate clients and SME
  • Built a solid network of professional contacts by providing advice and a high-quality service to financial services businesses.
  • Has a network of specially selected experts to support all your advice needs in the financial arena.
  • Achieved financial qualifications and has actively advised in financial services

Specific skills:

  • Providing leadership direction on acquisition and succession planning
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Helping businesses grow
  • Management buy out strategy